YQueue kiosks are disinfected with SDST!

Health is wealth, and with food being a necessity in our lives, YQueue has taken the important step to ensure that our ordering kiosks are properly sanitised to guard the health and safety of our users.

Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard about it! We’ve coated all our kiosks with SDST, the only known dry Self-Disinfecting antiviral and anti-bacterial agent in the market that continues killing microbes for up to 90 days (bacteria, fungus and viruses), even after drying. We will continue to reapply the coats for every cycle.

Can’t we just use the normal hand sanitisers?

Regular disinfectants and sanitisers kill germs during the disinfection process, i.e. the killing stops once the solution dries out, hence the need for repeated rounds of disinfecting. This makes SDST different.


You might have heard of this powerful disinfectant when it was applied on all 1.5million HDB’s lift buttons across the nation. Donated by the Changi Foundation, who themselves have tested the coating on Changi Airport’s frequently-touched surfaces such as lift buttons, door handles, touch screens and trolley handles, and found it effective in providing long-lasting protection.

The same disinfectant has been used on many ATMs in Singapore too!  

Is it effective?

Cheng Li Hui, MP for Tampines GRC (Tampines East), said in a Facebook post on April 2, that she “did a reading of a lift button coated 2 weeks ago and got a microbial swab test result of 11”, which is way lower than the acceptable level of 250 set by the Ministry of Health.

Watch Ch 5 News coverage on SDST here!

Is it harmful/poisonous, you may ask…

No worries, the substance is both safe on human skin and eco-friendly. A press statement highlighted that SDST has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the coating does not leach even with repeated scrubbing and cleaning!

How does it work, exactly?

For the really science-y people out there, here’s more information to satisfy your knowledge craving: SDST is a broad-spectrum coating made up of a modified ammonium compound that mimics the antimicrobial compound on the dragonfly’s wings, which kills germs upon contact. Its needle-like structure ruptures the outer membrane of viruses, bacteria and fungi, thereby reducing their ability to infect.

We hope you’ve learned more about SDST! YQueue will always put in our best efforts to provide the best services for both consumers and merchants. Let’s stay safe, and fight on!